Frequently Asked Questions

Can pictures be taken at places other than Okushiri/Hiyama?

Yes. They do not count toward points, however.

How do I scan a QR code?

You need to install a specific app.

I can't upload to the website.

Any pictures deemed unsuitable by the event organizer will not be posted.

What should I do if I accrue more than 10 points?

We will hold a lottery. We will notify you of the results via e-mail.

Would I get 1 point even for pictures designated as "private"?

Yes. You will be awarded 1 point for a picture, even if it is not made public.

What happens if I delete my account or pictures?

If your account or pictures are deleted, you will lose your eligibility to participate in the event. You will also lose your points.

Visitor information for the Hiyama area
Visitor information for the Hiyama area
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